Can the Jumpi jumpstart any car battery?

Jumpi can start gasoline cars of 3.0 L engines or below. The current version of Jumpi cannot jump diesel engines but we are working on that!

How many jumps does the Jumpi have?

Up to 10 jumps on a full charge.

What is the battery capacity of the charger?

6000 mAh

How does the Jumpi charge?

The Jumpi is charged via a universal USB C cable.

Can I charge this with a cigarette / car charger?

Yes, the Jumpi's battery is like any regular power bank and can be charged via even lower power output outlets!

How does this work on pet hair:

Jumpi's suction is strong and is very effective with pet hair!

Does Jumpi work with wet or liquids:

Yes it does work with wet or liquid items! Jumpi's no-bag system makes it very easy to suck up all manner of detritus and then clean up afterwards.